Wind in the Sunshine

568-1, Nagakura, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku, Nagano 389-0111

By Public Transportation

By Public Transportation
Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station
Hokuriku Shinkansen
Approx. 70min
Karuizawa Station
Approx. 10 min
FUFU Karuizawa
Nagano Station
Nagano Station
Hokuriku Shinkansen
Approx. 30 min
Karuizawa Station
Approx. 10 min
FUFU Karuizawa

By Car

By Car
Via Joetsu Expressway
Approx. 2 hrs
Usui Karuizawa IC (expressway exit)
Public Road
Approx. 17min
FUFU Karuizawa
Parking Information
Fee: Free of charge
Capacity: 24 vehicles (outside)

  • images:Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa

    Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa

    “Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa” exhibits major works of Hiroshi Senju, a Japanese-style painter who works actively on a global scale. The museum holds rotating exhibitions that showcase art pieces of Senju, from early works to the latest works, as well as special themed exhibitions. The Leaf Garden with aesthetic trees and flowers is also popular.
    © Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa
    [Time Required] 2 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa
  • images:Karuizawa New Art Museum

    Karuizawa New Art Museum

    The museum houses Japanese contemporary art pieces as well as avant-garde works by artists who are highly regarded internationally. Rotating exhibitions held with new perspectives especially attract attention. Some of the area can be viewed for free.
    [Time Required] 10 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa
  • images:Old Karuizawa Ginza Street

    Old Karuizawa Ginza Street

    Enjoy the quaint streetscape of the old Karuizawa while taking a stroll on the stone-paved road. You’ll feel as if long-established craft shops and a church standing with its back against the forest are narrating the history of the old Karuizawa.
    [Time Required] 10 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa
  • images:Kumoba Pond

    Kumoba Pond

    Kumoba Pond is a tranquil pond located in the forest of Kyu-Karuizawa. The pond entices visitors all year round with the water surface reflecting larch and maple trees, water birds swimming quietly, and atmospheric sceneries that change with the climate of Karuizawa.
    [Time Required] 8 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa
  • images:Usui Pass Observatory

    Usui Pass Observatory

    Spectacular sceneries await you at the Usui Pass Observatory, which is located some distance from the center of the town, ahead of a mountain road. The observatory offers views of magnificent Mt. Asama, the mountains of Joshu and Nikko, as well as a stretch of Kanto Plain in the distance.
    [Time Required] 18 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa
  • images:Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfall

    Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfall

    The waterfall is underground water gushing out from the rock surface with 3 meters high and 70 meters wide. Lines of water fall in layers like white silk threads, allowing you to enjoy a truly breathtaking scenery every season.
    [Time Required] 25 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa
  • images:José Luis KARUIZAWA

    José Luis KARUIZAWA

    A spacious restaurant with a tranquil atmosphere, serveing fusion dishes of Spanish and Japanese cuisines as well as Spanish wines that go well with them. It’s a 7-minute walk from Karuizawa Station.
    [Time Required] 9 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa
  • images:TsuruTonTan UDON NOODLE Brasserie Karuizawa

    TsuruTonTan UDON NOODLE Brasserie Karuizawa

    A restaurant offering a variety of udon noodle options as well as hot pots and BBQ dishes. Conveniently located in the central part of old Karuizawa.
    [Time Required] 10 min by car from FUFU Karuizawa


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